Wednesday, July 22, 2015

International Men of Mystery....

Hi guys!

A professional freelancer like myself can struggle at times to make ends meet. It is a tough profession but it has its perks. For one, I get to do what I love, and as long it pays the bills, I'm happy. Two, I get to spend more time with my family which is great and sometimes stressful especially if you have a 4 year old coming in my office every 10 minutes to ask me what I am doing.

And with the advance of the internet, I get to feel like an international man because I was able to make friends and get work from all over the world. This year alone I have worked with clients from South Africa, Australia, England, Brazil, Scotland and India, besides the ones here in the US. It's seems to be expanding more as I'm talking to people for future work from Istanbul and Canada. I'm not saying that I am known globally but it certainly opens up new horizons and eventually more work which is ultimately what I am looking for.

Social media, Skype and Freelance sites made almost impossible not be able to find work if you really dedicate yourself  and use all means possible to become successful and look for work in different states and countries. 

I'm no James Bond (or Austin Powers for that matter), but I know that being good at what you do, spending hours researching and improving your skills and portfolios and having fun are essential for a successful career and a happy life.


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