Sunday, April 6, 2014

Acknowledging the greatness of Monsterpalooza....

Hi fellow modelers!

As many of you know I love this hobby as much as the next guy, but have little time to work on our models and going to shows. Wonderfest is The Show to be if you love modeling, but many of us are unable to go because it is either too far from where you live or we just can't afford it. 

I've been to a lot of big Horror shows like Halloween Party Expo in Texas and Transworld in St Louis, and the thing is that Monsterspalooza is one of the best shows out there. You have well know names like Stan Winston School or make up and effect artists from the industry as well as lots of great celebrities. I actually met and talk to Greg Nicotero who is the head of make up effects and one of the directors of The Walking Dead. But it is also a great way to meet the great people of our hobby like Jeff Camp, Rick Cantu, Terry Webb, Mike Hill, John Allred, Steve Wang, Takeya, Jim Lawrence, Gabriel Garcia to name a few.

Mike Hill Life Size Frankenstein

But you get to see a lot of the companies that we love such as Whitworht Models, Blackheart, Casey Love designs, Creature features and many others.

Not only that but you can be part of AFM's Monster Making Model Contest where you can see a lot of great models painted by people like you and me who are passionate about this hobby, but you get to meet all those great people and get tips through just asking them or participating in the Blackheart Badger painting class to learn from the best and have a lot of fun.

BlackHeart's new Bride of Frankenstein bust By Jeff Yagher

This year's contest was great but we need more people and more models to make it even better. So next year make it part of your schedule to attend this amazing show. Bring your models and make the organizers realize that we need to be in a bigger room because the amount people participating in the contest has doubled. That way we will guarantee that more model kit companies will come over, meet great people and make sure the hobby stay alive and strong for many years to come.


Check out these great photos of the show

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