Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lines.......


When I was a kid I drew all the time. Like many kids at my age, it was a way to express my emotions and how I felt that particular day. Sometimes I did it for fun but still it was part of me like nothing else. I played with my friends and went to school and did what most of kids do but there was something about drawing that just made me whole. 

I'm sure most if not all my fellow artists share this same story growing up and now that we are older, somehow we still feel the same as we did as kids when it comes to drawing, although we have so many other things to think about. It is and it will always be a escape to the deep realms of our emotions and I never stop trying to improve my drawing abilities despite having a pretty successful career in animation the past 27 years.

Yeah, my drawings are not particular the best out there. I look up to so many artists and wonder why I am not as good doesn't matter how hard I try, but then those same people I look up to sometimes tell me they love my work and that gives me a boost and the confidence to draw even more every day. 


A very famous animator and director told me once that if you stop learning you don't stay at that last level, you actually start to go backwards. The best way to becoming a better animator and designer is to push yourself and try to do better than your last drawing, which is really something you can apply in life as a parent, a spouse, a friend and as a person in general.

So keep on drawing everyday because, in the end, drawing is not just lines on a piece of paper or on a computer tablet.....drawing is really a way to express life and make yourself a 


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  1. Good article, Edison and I agree with your point of view.
    By the way, you do draw well, my friend.