Friday, May 16, 2014

Who is Carlos Luzzi? He is a lot of characters.....

Howdy folks....

I admire many people in the animation and illustration industry. There are some artists that are so good at what they do that you can see their  work in at least a couple of movies a year. Nicolas Marlet, Sergio Pablos, Carter Goodrich, Carlos Grangel.....great character designers and artists and although I do admire them quite a lot, there are just a few that I also look up to and Carlos Luzzi is one of them.

Carlos and I have similar backgrounds. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil and worked for several animation studios doing commercials and character development. Like me, he worked under Sandro (you all know who he is..) and then went to the American Animation Institute to be trained under Glen Vilppu's orientation.

Then you might ask " are from the same town and you do the same thing....why do you look up to him?". I do because he is not just a great artist.....his drawing reflect personality and character like no other. There is a softness to his approach that I almost can see the soul of the characters he designs. It is very hard to draw something that thinks and breaths and he managed to do that with fewer lines than many others.......and he is also a hell of a nice guy.  I have to be honest, I never met the man but I have spoken to him on several occasions and people who know him well have told me how hard working, great guy he is. 

With 3 more artists, Paulo Ignez, Ivan Oviedo and Peque, they formed the 4FORFUN which is a site where each week they come up with a theme and each artist do their take on it. From 80's movies to kid's with floats to WWII, they give us a fun approach to character design and show everyone how creative one can be by just letting our imagination run wild. 

What can I say? I love his drawings and I look forward to working with him someday. In the meantime, visit his site at and check out the 4FORFUN site by clicking on the banners below.

Now...go get inspired.......


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